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Interview by Christine Thompson One of the funniest breakout movies to world-premiere at the Austin Film Festival, "Brave New Jersey" is about the perspective of a group of townspeople in a 1938 rural New Jersey town who believed Orson Wells's Hoax radio broadcast announcing the coming of Martians - "War of The Worlds." We had the

Interview by John Wisniewski Bell Stray began writing songs on guitar at seventeen, and by nineteen was singing in a punk band. Around this time, Bell says, she also developed a passion for the piano, “I moved to my mom’s house, and there was an untouched piano just sitting there.... One day, I sat at

Interview By John Wisniewski JAMES CURCIO BIO:The last time I sat down to write a resume, the first “at a glance`` that spilled out was a bewildered madman with a sledgehammer made of words. That’s a bit ungainly, though, so usually my business cards have read “artist,” “author,” “editor”, “creative director”, “designer,” “professional dilettante,” or
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