Ana Egge Interview from AMFM STUDIOS LLC on Vimeo.

Ana Egge is a musician who’s soulful music took Austin by storm when she was just 17 years old.  Instead of embracing her success, Ana ran away from the spotlight and to New Mexico, then Brooklyn, where she met her wife and started a family.  Her documentary BRIGHT SHADOW,” which premiered at Austin’s oldest film festival aGLIFF last week, explains why.

A heartfelt, raw and emotional doc, it covers 7 years of her life from good to bad.  Followed by a crew led by director Jesse Lyda, the film delves into the personal space of a musician who seems overwhelmed by too much attention too early in her life.

But what price fame, and what is the definition of success?  Happily married to editor Amy Foote with a little girl to complete her family, her one regret – not agreeing to create an album with Alison Krauss, is something that still might happen.

The “Hole in Your Halo” video from her ‘Bad Blood’ album, which was produced by Steve Earle and recorded at Levon Helm Studios, directed by Patrick Fraser, and edited by wife Amy was one of the songs featured in the BRIGHT SHADOW documentary.  The song won The Independent Music Award in the Americana category in 2011.

You can buy Ana Egge’s  “Bright Shadow” CD at CD Baby


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