Arrested Development premiered on Netflix yesterday amid an onslaught of publicity. The eagerly awaited resumption of the series was met with divided opinions from the fans. Can there be too much of a good thing? The show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, posted a caveat on facebook the night before the release, which is printed in it’s entirety below.

To our friends, fans, supporters, detractors, haters, enemies, and arch enemies,

I’m writing on behalf of everyone who has worked so hard to bring back a show that’s very special to us to say thank you for your ardent support of this show with the exception of the haters, detractors, etc.

We are also grateful for another chance to bring these characters to life and could not have dones [sic]so without your consistent effort to “spread the word” about it. Although obviously in the case of the enemies, the words you spread were “don’t watch this show!” You know I probably shouldn’t have even included them in the salutation — but I’m writing this in ink + making all sorts of mistakes. Did you notice the “s” at the end of the word “done”?

Anyway — it’s been our great joy to bring this to you on Netflix where you can access it whenever and however you want.

Except, you know, it’s really meant to be watched in order.

And you really should watch them all — because they build and, I’m just saying “eventually.” If you can. All 15.

But really this is yours now.

Except for the obvious copyright issues. And you have to subscribe to Netflix.

So it’s not completely yours I guess.

I’m not going to write in ink anymore.

I love you,
Mitch Hurwitz
Creator: Arrested Development

Meanwhile in London, the cast walked the red carpet for the premiere at red carpet premiere for the launch of Netflix Original Series, Arrested Development, Season 4 on May 09, 2013 at Vue Leicester Square in London, England.


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