Review by: Christine Thompson

L to R: Kristin Bell, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn

L to R: Kristin Bell, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who wrote the Hangover trilogy, deliver a perfect summer movie – with one caveat. Don’t see it with your adult children, it’s raunchy enough that they will squirm through it uncomfortably because of your presence (yes – this happened to me.)

Being a mom is hard enough without all the ridiculous societal norms that add an incredible amount of pressure to “the most important job in the world.” In BAD MOMS, Mila Kunis (Amy) runs into becomes friends with Kathryn Hahn (Carla) and Kristin Bell (Kiki) while dropping their kids off at school in the morning.

Amy is a slut, Carla is an overachiever, and Kiki is a doormat. These unlikely friends come together, united by their “outcast” status and it’s inevitable, they start to buck the system.

Pathos (Amy finds her philandering husband has been having an online affair for 10 months) turns to hilarity as Amy throws out her husband, unites with Kiki and Carla to take on Gwendolyn (played by Christina Applegate) the PTA President who uses her position to terrify teachers and parents alike.

Gwendolyn, a wealthy privileged woman, wields authority and power with all the intensity of a psycho cheerleader. Applegate plays the perfect bully in this role, with snarky sidekick Jada Pinkett and quivering mess/follower Annie Mumolo rounding out the trio.

Wait, we’ve seen this before!  It’s “Anchorman” with battling moms instead of battling news teams. But we don’t care as the predictable unfolds, and join in to root for the underdog.


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