Award winning authors Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer will be in Austin for a BOOK SIGNING, Saturday, Sept. 15 at HALF PRICE BOOKS 1300 to 1600 5555 North Lamar Blvd # B105 AUSTIN, Texas (512) 451-4463 to sign all of their novels, including the Black Eagle Force series and our historical fiction western, THE NATIONS. This will be the first public signing of their newest BEF novel, RETURN OF THE STARFIGHTER. Be there!

Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer take an intriguing premise and run hard with it in their new novel, Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm. From the rattle of 50s to the smooth whine of the engines on their near-future aircraft, the book sings with authenticity and action. Readers will lose sleep with this one – I know I did. – Jim DeFelice

Black Eagle Force is a top-secret, Special Ops unit of ex-military men and women created for its ultra-rapid-deployment capabilities and intended to operate outside of governmental restrictions. A border skirmish on a Texas ranch spawns the critically acclaimed action series.


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