Actor/Writer Doran Ingrham talks with Fabrizio about his book “BLOOD BROTHERS,” part of an action series based on some of Doran’s real-life experiences from his time as a “Risk Management Specialist.”   Written with Ken Farmer and Buck Steinke, this powerful adventure chronicles the adventures of the semi-fictional Mark Ingram.  Follow along as Doran explains what he used to do for a living before he started acting and writing.


Doran W Ingrham – Inactive USMC – Retired Risk Management/Close Security Specialist (call sign ‘Zorro’). Extensive global experience dealing with terrorist threats. Has vast working knowledge of weapons, explosives, survival skills urban, jungle, desert and intel gathering methods used around the globe for covert (Black Ops) actions and Executive Protection. Combat Pistol competitor and International Sniper competitor. He has appeared in over 20 commercials, 15 television episodic and 40 films. Has written a series of film scripts based on his world-wide experiences. Doran now lives with his wife, Maria Mae, exact location undisclosed.

Buck Stienke – Captain – Fighter Pilot – United States Air Force, has an extensive background in military aviation and weaponry. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Buck (call sign ‘Shoehorn’) was a member of the undefeated Rugby team and was on the Dean’s List. After leaving the Air Force, Buck was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over twenty-five years. He has vast knowledge of weapons, tactics and survival techniques. Buck is the owner of Lone Star Shooting Supply, Gainesville, TX. As a successful actor, writer and businessman, Buck lives in Gainesville with his wife, Carolyn. Buck was Executive Producer for the award winning film, Rockabilly Baby.

Ken Farmer – After proudly serving his country as a US Marine (call sign ‘Tarzan’), Ken attended Stephen F. Austin State University on a full football scholarship, receiving his Bachelors Degree in Business and Speech & Drama. Ken quickly discovered his love for acting when he starred as a cowboy in a Dairy Queen commercial. Ken has over 39 years as a professional actor, with memorable roles Silverado, Friday Night Lights, The Newton Boys and Uncommon Valor. He was the OC and VO spokesman for Wolf Brand Chili for eight years. Ken now lives near Gainesville, TX, where he continues to write screen plays and novels.


Doran Ingrham

Doran Ingrham/PHOTO CREDIT: Fabrizio

Mark Ingram thought his days in Kenya were over. He flew all the way to Washington, DC for romance, but a military coup erupts back in Africa. His Blood Brother, Rheinhart ‘Rhino’ Fabian is placed in harm’s way. Mark overcomes all obstacles to return, collecting a small group of international operatives to join him in the fight. 

A battle against the vastly outnumbering rebel forces, led by a rogue general ensues. After the bloody ‘Battle for Mobutto’s Estate’ and the defeat of the rebels with the help of the Black Eagle Force, Mark returns to Nairobi, only to find a new enemy. The Yakuza leader who previously led the horrific poaching and smuggling operation for elephant ivory and rhino horn had a brother who has sworn revenge on his brother’s killer. He sets a tender trap to draw Mark into his lair.

Mark finds an unexpected ally, forms a tiny team and sets off to Hong Kong to find and destroy the Dragon Master of the Big Circle Triad—the man ultimately responsible for the illegal poached ivory and rhino horn trade in the Orient.
Mark Ingram stands up when called. In BLOOD BROTHERS his creed is unchanged…”Anyone and everyone who stands against us…will die.”


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