[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://wcslonline.com/sitl/dangerously_close/run_away.mp3″ url_ogg=”http://wcslonline.com/sitl/dangerously_close/run_away.mp3″ width=”750″ height=”30″ autoplay=”true” skin=”small” align=”center”]In this episode, Paul Doty talks with the band about the track “Run Away” from the album “Dangerously Close” – addressing cheating and the Christian perspective –  as they recall  the inspiration and the process of recording  the song.
Christian Hall of Fame Rock Band Bloodgood, one of the largest Christian metal genre bands in the world, became known for their “go-for-broke attitude about showmanship”, displaying attitudes and imagery that brought them into collision with some on the extreme Christian right. In a 1998 retrospective, Christian music critic Brian Quincy Newcomb would write that “Bloodgood’s ministry and music was a vital stepping stone in the maturing process of Christian rock.”
Michael Bloodgood is currently senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Redmond, Washington, where guest artists such as long time friend and lead singer, Les Carlsen (lead of Broadway musical Hair)come and perform.


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