Luke George, who is the son of Little Feat Founder Lowell George, has initiated a Tribute CD that will feature musicians like Blues Traveler, Tom Cochrane, Warren Haynes, Wildwood Highway, and Nelo, among others.

“My Father worked with hundreds of musicians. The idea came to me at a lull in my life, a time when I could sit and think about the legacy Lowell has handed down. It was like being hit by lightning. Once the idea came, I just couldn’t write it down fast enough. I compiled the ideas, then expressed it to my family,” said Luke.

Lowell and Luke George

“I told them I wanted to do a tribute to Lowell, but I also wanted to put a new spin on it. On this CD, the artists have been given the opportunity to put their own stamp on it. We’re calling it “Under The Influence,” which is kind of a double entendre,” he added.

“Once I got the green light from my family, I started looking around for a good circle of friends and family of musicians. I was introduced to Joe Beckham of Birdhouse Studios, and we just clicked. He’s a phenomenal bass player as well as audio engineer, and we revamped this studio. From there I reached out to Warren Haynes, Tom Cochrane, and about a month ago, Blues Traveler.”

FROM THE PHOTOSHOOT: Photo Credit: Fabrizio
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“They were coming to the end of their tour and I was able to get them to come in to record “Dixie Chicken,” and it’s an absolutely phenomenal recording. It’s blazing,” said Luke.

“The other thing we are looking at doing is taking all of the artists that will be featured on this album and creating a festival, the “Under the Influence” Festival, where every year we pick a new heritage artist. That way we keep the younger generations involved and keep our heritage alive, and make it a family setting. It’s not just about crazy rock and roll,” he added.



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  1. Great shots and a real example of the love for music everyone has in the group. To be on the road since June and to come into the studio for 12 hours and blaze a smoking version of Dixie Chicken says a lot.

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