or how a brother and a sister, college students with English as a second language, create not just one but three feature films, the first of which (BRUSH WITH DANGER) opened in theaters October 17th

A brother and sister — a painter and a fighter, both artists in their own way — are forced to flee their home, arriving in Seattle inside a shipping container. The two struggle to make their way in a new world until one day, a wealthy art dealer/gallery owner takes an interest in the sister’s painting, and the pair find themselves living a dream come true. The sister loses herself in her art and the brother seizes the opportunity to express himself as a fighter. But, it really is all just a dream. Conned by her patron into forging a Van Gogh, which is purchased by a ruthless criminal with a passion for fine art, the brother and sister soon find themselves embroiled in Seattle’s criminal underworld and a Brush With Danger.

Website: http://brushwithdanger.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brushwithdanger

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrushwithDanger

"Brush With Danger" premiere in Austin Texas

“Brush With Danger” premiere in Austin Texas


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