CanWe Studios – the latest Austin tech startup – on starting conversations at Austin City Limits. Sign up using Linkedin.

CanWeNetwork is a new app for iPhone and Android that was created by Austin startup CanWe Studios. The idea behind it is to help users network with relevant people who happen to be nearby, and it was designed to work like getting an introduction from someone you trust.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to ascertain when users who have things in common are nearby and then facilitates an introduction. When you first download the app, it connects to your LinkedIn account and builds a profile for you. It then uses some algorithms to figure out who you are well matched with career-wise. It also has an events feature that lets you connect with other attendees at festivals, conferences, meet-ups and other kinds of events.

The CanWe Studios team showcased the app at Austin City Limits and ATX Startup week and realized that people love its ability to connect them with others in their community and industry that they haven’t yet met.

James Sinclair, VP at CanWe Studios explains: “We hosted an event with AMD at ACL and invited our friends and contacts from across the Austin tech and music scene to hang out, see the app and enjoy a performance from Bright Light Social Hour. The cool thing about the app is it lets you know who’ll be attending before you arrive so it’s easy to track down that producer or developer you’ve always wanted to meet in a totally legitimate way. The app basically enables really valuable conversations that might otherwise never have happened”.

For people who are creeped out by the idea of others knowing their whereabouts, there’s an option to hide your profile picture and information, but so far the CanWe Studios team have found that people are so excited by the connections they make they have no interest in hiding.

CanWe Studios’ founder, a successful tech entrepreneur who has already founded and sold three companies when he came up with the idea behind CanWeNetwork, specifically chose Austin for his latest venture. Sinclair explains “Austin has a unique startup community that brings together cutting edge tech and the best of creativity in a totally supportive business culture. Our company is all about connecting people with the right conversations to achieve success, and we felt that Austin’s culture was ideal for helping us spread this approach.”

CanWe Studios is based in the heart of Downtown Austin. The app, CanWeNetwork, can be downloaded here. Visit or follow on Twitter @canwenetwork

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