Chrissie Hynde has confirmed two U.S. TV performances for the week prior to the domestic release of Stockholm, the first ever album under her own name, out June 10 on Will Travel/Caroline Records in the U.S.

Chrissie will make her first ever appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Colbert ReportJune 4 and 5 respectively, performing “Dark Sunglasses,” the “cutting, springy first single” (Rolling Stone) from Stockholm that recently cracked the AAA Top 20.

Additionally, Chrissie Hynde will be performing an exclusive in-store event at Rough Trade NYC onSunday, June 1. Fans can pre-order the new album Stockholm at Rough Trade NYC startingTuesday, May 27 to gain access to this exclusive event–space is limited! Fans who pre-order will also receive a limited 7-inch of “Dark Sunglasses,” previously released only in the UK for Record Store Day.

(Stockholm’s) cutting, springy first single is about people trading it in for wealth-the opposite of Hynde, who’s still a pure-of-heart rock & roll crank”-ROLLING STONE



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