Dr. Andrew McGarry and Co-producer Andrew Richey

Dr. Andrew McGarry and Co-producer Andrew Richey

Co-producer Andrew Richey discusses CODE BLACK, a documentary about the American Healthcare system through the eyes of the American Emergency Room Doctor.  As Richey explains, the goal of the movie is to put the human back into the system.  Doctors and emergency room patients are real people  on the front lines, in life and death situations and are adversely affected by the politics of  policies.  CODE BLACK is physician Ryan McGarry’s filmmaking debut.

In his vivid and thought-provoking film, McGarry gives us unprecedented access to America’s busiest Emergency Department. Amidst real life-and-death situations, McGarry follows a dedicated team of charismatic, young doctors-in-training as they wrestle openly with both their ideals and with the realities of saving lives in a complex and overburdened system. Their training ground and source of inspiration is “C-Booth,” Los Angeles County Hospital’s legendary trauma bay, the birthplace of Emergency Medicine, where “more people have died and more people have been saved than in any other square footage in the United States.” CODE BLACK offers a tense, doctor’s-eye view, right into the heart of the healthcare debate – bringing us face to face with America’s only 24/7 safety net.

Best Documentary winner at Los Angeles Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival, as well as the Audience Award Winner at both Denver Starz Film Festival and Aspen FilmFest.


Originally from Lubbock, TX, Andrew received a B.F.A. in Theatre from the Sarofim School of Fine Arts at Southwestern University and a M.F.A. in Film and Television Production from the University of Southern California’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts.  Andrew has worked in entertainment on three continents, studying theater and working in film in London and teaching English and Theater in Taiwan.

Andrew’s film credits include Fig which aired on HBO and Code Black which is currently playing in cities nation wide.  Recently,  Andrew finished producing and editing Love Land a feature film addressing the institutionalization of individuals with disabilities, which was shot in Corsicana, TX and edited in Austin.  Currently, he is producing Working Class Heroes, a feature documentary about a first run movie theatre implementing inclusive hiring practices within the disability community.





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