DAMIEN ESCOBAR: “Me And The Violin Have A Love Affair”

Two time Emmy-award winning contemporary soul violinist Damien Escobar didn’t play the violin for 10 months after his split with his brother.  During that time he became homeless, sinking to dark depths – only  picking up the instrument again when his daughter asked him “Daddy, what are you going to do now?”

He related on the Today show that his first success was all about the money, but now he has found his own voice, and his mission is to give back to his fans.  He has found his purpose, and found himself.  He shatters stereotypes about what the violin as he takes you on an emotional journey on his sophomore release “Boundless.”

Thirteen tracks of highs and lows, with avant-garde pairing of French rapper in “Mood Swings.” show just what that violin can do.  “Boundless” features beautiful music more suited to enhancing female libido than the FDA approved drug Addyi. ” Take two aspirin and call me in the morning?” No thank you.  Give me two tracks of “Boundless” instead.

Boundless on iTunes

Damien Escobar Website



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