“An intelligent thriller about a crime syndicate family, gripping from start to finish.”

rogue Joshua Stasse was in a jovial mood when we met at the Omni Hotel in Austin, he and his co-stars Matthew Beard and Leah Gibson were thrilled with the knowledge that Joshua was soon to be a first-time father. The closeness of the actors was apparent as they talked about filming Rogue in Toronto for Directv, and their appreciation of their producer/writer Matthew Parkhill.

Leah is cast as Cathy Laszlo, who uses her sexuality and intellectual dominance to manipulate her husband Alec (Joshua Stasse), scion of a mobster family who has a hard time keeping out of trouble. Matthew plays Max, Alec’s brother who is not interested in being part of the family “business.” Their father Jimmy (Martin Csokas) is a strong central figure, and his forbidden relationship with Grace Travis (Thandie Newton), a complex undercover agent. The desire for control and passion is tempered by Grace’s desire to know how her son died in a seemingly random drive-by killing. The series presents as an intelligently written thriller that draws the viewer into the shades of grey of her convoluted life.


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