Electric Touch started their band five years ago, here in Austin Texas, and already they have made quite an impression and are beginning to make their mark in this world! I spotted them at SXSW this year and they were more than accomodating and hospitable, so I decided to share the scoop on these guys!

British rockers Shane Lawlor (Frontman/ lead guitar and vocals), Christopher Leigh Messina (Lead guitarist/backing vocals), Louis Messina Jr. (drums), Issac Strycker (keys/backing vocals), and Portland Musser (basist) have accomplished so much in such a short time. They put on an amazing concert and the cd made a long time fan out of me.

Electric Touch’s new video came out this week of a track called “Magnetic”, from the “Never Look Back” CD (out March 20, 2012) was produced by grammy nominee Howard Benson. The band is scheduled to begin a 45 day tour soon, bursting through cities like Miami, NY, and Houston just to name a few.

The CD “Don’t Stop” was awesome, so I can see why these guys just finished touring with Evanessence and are touring this year with Hot Chelle Ray. Let’s show some support to these great guys and check out their website www.electrictouch.com. If you become a fan like I did, then the band is asking that you call your local radio station and request one of their songs, such as “Magnetic” or “Don’t Stop”.

Tiffany Test
Journalist, AMFM Magazine


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