Actress Erin Gray and director/writer/producer Jerry Alden Deal, a UT Grad from San Antonio, were at the Texas Film Hall of Fame to talk about the upcoming film “One Hand Clapping,” to be shot in Texas in 2014. The film explores the possibility of reincarnation through the story of three brothers trying to make peace with their dying father.

Deal, the head of Way To Go Media, produced “Dreams Awake” a transformational film which has recently won more than 17 awards from film festivals worldwide. Gray, former star of “Silver Spoons” and “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, won “Best Actress” at the Monaco International Film Festival for her role in the film.

“As much as we can talk about reincarnation, the heart of the story is really about the Texas family we explore. The small-town feels of communities like Elgin and Bastrop where shooting will take place in 2014 will give an authentic flavor to the story.”Jerry Alden Deal

We spoke to Gray on the red carpet and asked her about her hopes for the movie.

AMFM: How did this film come to you?

ERIN: I did a film with Jerry called “Dreams Awake” that’s been winning a number of awards, and I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished, so when they asked me to be part of this next one I jumped on it

AMFM: What is your hope for this film?

ERIN: I’m actually hoping that we have more and more of these films. This was part of the Gate series that Jim Carrey started with Eckhart Tolle. I’m really behind bringing more of these ideas into film

I’m a little tired of all the violence in films. I know that it’s a part of life to a certain extent, but the idea of talking about reincarnation, other dimensions, transformational consciousness raising, bringing awareness to our lives. These topics are what fascinate and interest me.




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