When you’re not ready to talk, but you are ready to share, Hopester is ready to hear you. Hopester is an emotional call to arms. Hopester gives you a voice in a world that wants to shut you up.

Hopester is a digital safe space for anyone who needs support — and it’s in BETA.

Hopester enables youth to share their stories while remaining anonymous. People often don’t have a safe place to talk about difficult feelings or situations, and can’t tell the adults in their lives — therapists, teachers, clergy — because those adults are mandated reporters and must tell the state or law enforcement about any trauma or abuse. This can be a terrifying choice: to suffer in silence or have your whole life turned upside-down. Hopester helps people to let their secrets out safely, to get support and love on the road to getting help. To feel like part of a community where shame doesn’t exist. To feel empowered and resilient and strong even in the face of sadness. When they are ready, they can take the next step, and search for personalized services on a Yelp-like database to help them get or stay happy and healthy.



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