Austin Creative Alliance (ACA) and Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) are proud to present Austin attorney Chris Castle’s “Four Nights of Music Rights” seminar series in September and October 2012 hosted by the Long Center. The series consists of four evening seminars that will cover intermediate and advanced-level music business rights and protections and related legal issues for managers, music industry businesses, lawyers, artists, songwriters, and music technology companies. CLE credit is offered for each seminar through TALA.

Each seminar will have a specific focus area for lecture and discussion. Some seminars will also include guest speakers with expertise relevant to the topic. The final 30 minutes of each seminar will also include “Band Basics”, a practical guide to getting and keeping a band’s business in order.

Attendance is free of charge, but advance registration is required. The seminars will be held at the AT&T Conference Room at the Long Center from 7pm to 10pm on alternating Tuesdays from September 18th – October 30th.

CLE credit will be $20 per night. Each night has been approved for credit between 2-2.5 hours.
Registration and networking starts at 6:30.

Seminars take place in the AT&T meeting room at The Long Center and begin promptly at 7pm.

September 18: Songs and Recordings: Who Owns What and How the Money Flows

Please register here.

Content on Sept 18 will include:
An overview of royalty streams in recording and music publishing agreements. The discussion will also cover mechanical royalties, performance royalties, and film, TV and video game licenses.

Band Business Nuts and Bolts will include Performing Rights Organizations and SoundExchange.

October 2: Getting Paid for Your Work: Artist Agreements, Songwriters and Film/TV Licensing

Please register here.

Content on Oct 2 will include:
Recording agreements and related payment.
Pitching and placement of music for film and TV.

Band Business Nuts and Bolts will include internal band agreements, leaving band members, copyright and trademark.

Special Guest:
Tom Gimbel, General Manager, Austin City Limits Live on the role of the artist manager.

October 16: Creating Good Partnerships: Manager and Booking Agent Agreements

Please register here.

Content on Oct 16 will include:
Personal management agreements.
Booking talent.

Band Business Nuts and Bolts will include woking with performance venues and how to settle shows.

Special Guest:
Brian Stovall, Assistant Director of Texas Performing Arts and Entertainment and Logistics Consultant, on how to settle a show.

Ethics Bonus for those obtaining CLE credit:
Representing bands v. individual members.
Representing songwriting teams and other joint clients.
Legal responsibility in the legal clinic environment.

October 30: Music Clearances for Tech Startups and Artist Rights: Do Good Business and Protect Your Work

Please register here.

Content on Oct 30 will include:
Digital distribution.
Online music services.

Band Business Nuts and Bolts will include bank accounts, bookkeeping, taxes, health coverage and insurance coverage. Staying Healthy: SIMS Foundation and HAAM Guest

Speaker: Jennifer Stowe, Director of Services, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

Special Guest:
David Lowery, of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven and editor of The Trichordist, on artist rights.

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