Fred Stoller and Steve Skrovan talked to us about the writing of Fred and Vinnie, a comedy about a dear friend who comes to live with Fred and stays long enough to strain their relationship. Vinnie is a shut-in who ventures out of his “cave” to come live with Fred in Los Angeles to pursue a career in show biz. Vinnie’s quirky habits tip the balance of friendship as he proves to be the world’s most maddening roomate. Fred tolerates Vinnie’s agoraphobic ways (he’s the world’s fattest vegetarian, subsisting on candy from the Dollar Store) because Vinnie is a dear friend who is one of Fred’s biggest cheerleaders. Vinnie pleads with Fred “Just get me on set!” and Fred promises him that if he ever makes it he will…and he does just that with this movie. Release date: 2011, Genre: Comedy. Starring: Fred Stoller, Angelo Tsarouchas, Fred Willard, Sarah McMaster, Harriest Rose, Scott Chernoff, Michael Richardson. Directed by: Steve Skrovan, Screenplay by: Fred Stoller, Produced by: Steve Skrovan

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