Glen Powell is one of those instantly likeable, polite young men, with a disarming smile and charming manner, and the second you meet his mother you understand where he gets it.  Glen is one of the lucky ones, an Austin actor who has moved to Hollywood and appears to be making a big impact there.  But is it really luck – or something else?  Though he is landing choice roles in high-profile movies, his family and roots in Texas not only keep him grounded, but probably are one of the reasons for his successful trajectory in the very competitive film world.

We asked Glen’s mother Cindy if we could interview her too, just because we thought it would be fun.  She graciously agreed, but only if her son said yes.

We wanted to talk about not only how he got his role in the EXPENDABLES 3, but a little bit about where his grit and determination come from.   Cindy has a part in the movie too, look for her on the staircase near Mel Gibson in the Art Museum scene.




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