Interview by John Wisniewski

Goldray © Tina Korhonen

Goldray, formed in 2010 by REEF guitarist Kenwyn House, is a female-fronted psych rock band from Glastonbury, England.   John Wisniewski got the chance to ask House a few quick questions about their second album, with is set to be released early this year.

AMFM:  How is being in REEF perhaps different than Goldray?

“A blend of Zeppelin and Kate Bush, on record they make an intriguing sound that mixes flashes of muscular rock – not a million miles from House’s ‘other’ band Reef – with a stylish hybrid of prog and psych” – PROG Magazine

Kenwyn House: For a start it’s been four years since I played with Reef.  Goldray is my main thing these days…and I’m loving it frankly…they are very different from each other.

AMFM: Any favorite psychedelic rock albums?

Kenwyn House:  I like the CSN records, really like anything by Jimi Hendrix especially “Band  of Gypsies.” “LA Woman” by The Doors, “Innerspeaker” by Tame Impala, “Revolver” and “Sergeant Pepper” by the Beatles,”The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” by Pink Floyd.

AMFM: Who writes the bands lyrics?

Kenwyn House: Leah writes the Lyrics (except on The Oranges song).. …we write together but I tend to do the music and she does the words.

AMFM: What may inspire your writing?

Kenwyn House: Anything can inspire a song. Usually its an experience or strong feeling or idea that won’t leave you alone. I spend a lot of my life playing the guitar so a lot of ideas come to me then. It’s a mercurial thing.

Kenwyn House, photo © Tina Korhonen

AMFM: Are you interested in occult subjects?

Kenwyn House: The word “occult” means to be hidden. I think I’ll keep it like that. ;o

AMFM: Will the band playing live dates? Do you enjoy playing Live?

Kenwyn House: Yes we will definitely be out and about playing live this year. Gigs are important to us… that’s the place where we get to be what we want to be the most in some ways. They are a ceremony really… We’ve just announced confirmation of our appearance at this years Ramblin’ Man Fest and Hard Rock Hell Fest.. and we have other things in the pipeline we’re excited about that we can’t talk about yet!

AMFM: Do you write poetry or screenplays, Kenwyn?

Kenwyn House: Neither of us has written a screenplay..Leah writes poetry/lyrics all the time… I sometimes write poetry also.

AMFM:  What lies in the future for you?

Kenwyn House:  Worldwide domination! …and finishing album number 2, which we’re working on right now! 😉

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