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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with two of my favorite people (actually three if you count “her”) and chat about “Shit Girls Say,” the out of the box smash youtube and twitter sensation. At the time of this meeting the three episodes of “Shit Girls Say” had already been viewed by 18 million people and has had countless copy cat video followers.  Graydon and Kyle, as humble and wonderful as ever are complimented by the attempt to copy what is obviously their brainchild….I asked Graydon and Kyle a few questions in amongst my natural instinct to catch up on family news (not that I’m family but hey once a mother)

KATHLEENE: I naturally want to know given my age…a girl never tells…whether there is a difference between “Shit Girls Say” and “Shit Women Say”.

GRAYDON AND KYLE: There are differences, … “Shit Girls Say” is general but specific to our demographic.

KATHLEENE:  I’m also curious as to whether you use some of these very expressions yourselves.

GRAYDON: (quietly looks over with that undeniable smirk) “well, I do say …Can you turn that up?”  a lot.

KATHLEENE: Do all of your girlfriends now guard their sacred expressions when in your company?

GRAYDON AND KYLE: For the most part no, but we do occasionally find them saying  “Oh my god, that was such a “Shit Girls Say” thing to say….are you going to use that?” Anything we hear is only used with permission.

“We appreciate what women are saying and how they say it and that there is love there and respect and that’s why it has worked, because people feel in on the joke and not the butt of it” – Graydon and Kyle

Does this “girl” have a name? Will she?  That isn’t in the cards.  With a number of interesting offers on the table, the future for “her” looks very bright indeed.  Traveling between, LA, New York and Toronto, their home base, they are fielding offers, securing agents, primping and preparing for what promises to be a very exciting and bright future.  I am not at liberty to disclose any of the juicy gossip or their plans for the future but stay tuned because I think we are all in for a great ride……Thank you Graydon and Kyle for your hospitality and Graydon…..”Oh You!




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