“Sweden is a modern pop-hit factory, and this year’s Swedish presence definitely shows this…” said James Minor, general manager at SXSW Music.

Twelve of the fifteen Swedish acts at SXSW 2015 were led by women, including pop band Indevotion, who recently released “Pretty Little Liars” single.

Indevotion, a Swedish pop trio curated by Austin’s House of Songs, a musical cultural exchange program founded by Troy Campbell, were excited to play at Cedar Creek Courtyard. Their plan was to “kick ass, network, and basically enjoy ourselves,” said My Helmner, vocalist.

The band, which has been touring extensively since placing in Sweden’s Metro On Stage competition in 2011, is just one of the groups hosted by House of Songs. Founded in 2009 by musician & producer Troy Campbell, The House of Songs is a songwriter exchange program that pairs together talented and committed artists from different countries. The songwriters stay for up to two weeks.

Campbell, who went to Lulea, Sweden earlier this year to film “City of Songs,” a tv pilot about people who make instruments carved out of ice, relates “The goal here is to elevate the artists experience, put them in a little isolated place where everything’s taken care of. We need to get these Vikings and Pirates and Cowboys together and form something new. A lot of my favorite artists here in town are now touring in Europe and Canada and Asia, based on friendships and being open.”

“INDEVOTION IS THE perfect blend of energetic rock and catchy pop that makes you wanna hit the dance-floor. This playful Swedish band has been eager to engage people with their music and sparkling live show since the start in 2008. Together they have one strong goal: to get the crowd devoted. With hitsongs such as ”GoGoGoGoGo!” and ”Originals” they want people to get devoted to them selves, the future and each other. ”I’m so sick of people only singing about that there’s no tomorrow, we only got tonight. What’s wrong with having a longer perspective than that?” My Helmner (award-winning singer)

A THIRD PLACE IN the big national contest 2011 Metro On Stage (Over 2000 competitors) became the takeoff for Indevotion and the hit song ”GoGoGoGoGo!”. The band has been touring extensively ever since (Beating Hearts Tour, Atticus Invasion Tour, Spring Break Tour, opening for Destine etc.) and also gained international interest and acknowledgment by publications like Kings of A&R, Buzznet, Daily Unsigned, AU Review and The Round Table.



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