10697267_1002092506474067_3550040125633803696_oAs Katniss takes on the role of the Mockingjay, her every public move is followed by a quartet of media-savvy rebels who produce “propos,” a mix of viral advertising, on-the-fly news clips and inspirational messages that are the only way for the rebels to communicate to the outside world.

Playing the sharp propos director Cressida is Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones. She was enthralled by Cressida’s journey in Mockingjay. “When Cressida first starts filming Katniss with the propos, she’s got quite a cynical idea of what she’s trying to create – she just wants to paste the symbol of the Mockingjay onto Katniss,” Dormer explains. “As she spends time with Katniss, and as the story develops, you see Cressida starting to really believe in Katniss as that galvanizing icon who can unite an oppressed people.”

She also loved bringing in a whole different side of media power from the sensationalized Games. “I think one really interesting thing about Mockingjay is that you see how battles can also be fought in the media. For Cressida and her crew, this is all about winning over hearts and minds,” explains Dormer.

Host: Paul Salfen for Sports Plus,Edits: AMFM Magazine


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