President Coin’s right-hand man, Boggs, has lived all his life in District 13 and never known anything other than the rigid life of an underground soldier. Jumping into the character is Mahershala Ali, known best for his film and television roles in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Place Beyond the Pines and the critically acclaimed series House of Cards.

Ali sees Boggs as someone shaped by his environment, and someone who isn’t sure if Katniss can truly become the Mockingjay, though his sworn duty is to protect her. “Boggs is someone who has never lived above ground, and the only thing he’s heard about and trained for his entire life is the coming revolution against The Capitol,” the actor explains. “At first he’s a bit skeptical of Katniss because she’s just this young girl who seems caught in something she knows is much bigger than her. Over time, as he gets to know her and see her in action, he really grows to love and respect her.”

Ali says his role felt organic thanks to Jennifer Lawrence. “I don’t know if you can play a character any better than Jennifer plays Katniss,” he says. “I never saw her strike one false note. Being around actors of the caliber of Jeffrey, Julianne, Phil and Woody, it was all such an education. I was so moved and excited watching people so committed to telling a great story.”

Host: Paul Salfen for Sports Plus,Edits: AMFM Magazine


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