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Your hosts Paul Doty and Roman Guzman talk to EDGAR WINTER about “They Only Come Out at Night.” and “Ponder The Mystery” with William Shatner. They Only Come Out at Night is the third studio album by The Edgar Winter Group. Produced by Rick Derringer and released in November 1973, it went to No. 3 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, eventually sold two million copies, and features two of the band’s biggest hits, “Frankenstein” (#1 Pop Singles) and “Free Ride” (#14 Pop Singles). Edgar Winter, describes himself as a New York Texan living in Beverly Hills.


“Ponder the Mystery” is the fourth studio album by William Shatner. It was released October 8, 2013, in the US by Cleopatra Records. The album was produced by Billy Sherwood, who also composed the music and performs vocals, drums, bass, guitars and keys.



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