Producer, Mixer, Re-mixer, Arranger, and Writer  Steve Thompson 

7x Grammy-winner, 150+ Diamond, Platinum & Gold Records, 250+ million records sold —  Steve Thompson has worked closely with the top decision-makers in the music and entertainment industry in virtually every music genre: from pop, rock, and edm/dance, to hiphop, R&B/soul, reggae, roots, Americana, blues and country.  His Grammys include songs/records with KORN, Blues Traveler, Whitney Houston, Cutting Crew, Aretha Franklin & George Michael, Paul Simon and Ziggy Marley.

Thompson has also worked musically on many of the biggest movies of all time, as well as a host of smaller budget pics and indies. Counted among the bigger releases are: Ace Ventura, Return of the Jedi, Blues Brothers, End of Days, War of the Worlds, and Dracula. Here he talks with Paul Doty and Roman Guzman about Appetite for Destruction,  which debuted at number 182 on the Billboard 200 in the week of August 29, 1987.  It did not top the chart until August 6, 1988, after the band had toured and received radio and music video airplay with singles such as “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Paradise City”.  It spent four non-consecutive weeks at number one on the chart and a total of 147 weeks on the Billboard 200.


They are instantly recognizable, the music and albums that have shaped popular culture for generations. ICON explores the inside story of the most memorable albums that you know and love – with those that were there. Your hosts are music industry professionals, production company CEO Paul Doty and radio personality Roman Guzman.

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