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They are instantly recognizable, the music and albums that have shaped popular culture for generations. ICON explores the inside story of the most memorable albums that you know and love – with those that were there. iconpauldotyromanguzman.com/

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In December’s episode, your hosts Paul Doty and Roman Guzman talk with Lydia Criss, who was immortalized in Kiss’s ballad “Beth.” Kiss Destroyer was produced by Bob Ezrin, and went platinum the same year it was released. Ezrin helped guide their sound and among the production flourishes Ezrin introduced to Kiss were sound effects, strings, screaming children, reversed drums (on “God of Thunder“) and a children’s choir. The song “Great Expectations” uses the first phrase of the main theme from the second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, opus 13 “Pathétique.





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