SUPER Producer Hugh Padgham

 Hugh Charles Padgham (born 15 February 1955) is an English record producer. He has won many awards, including four Grammys, with Producer of the Year (1985) and Engineer of the Year. A 1992 poll in Mix magazine voted him one of the world’s Top Ten Most Influential Producers. Padgham co-produced some of the biggest and most enduring songs of the 1980s, including many hits by Phil Collins, Genesis, The Human League, Sting and The Police.

TRIVIA: Padgham is credited for Phil Collin’s “gated drum” sound on “In The Air Tonight.”


They are instantly recognizable, the music and albums that have shaped popular culture for generations. ICON explores the inside story of the most memorable albums that you know and love – with those that were there. Your hosts are music industry professionals, production company CEO Paul Doty and radio personality Roman Guzman.

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