“90125” was the 11th studio album and the first to take the band to the grammys. It included the iconic number one hit “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.” The album’s logo was designed and created by Garry Mouat at Assorted Images on an Apple IIe computer. Icon presents drummer Alan White.

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://wcslonline.com/icon/shows/2014/90125.mp3″ url_ogg=”http://wcslonline.com/icon/shows/2014/90125.mp3″ width=”1200″ html5=”true” skin=”regular” align=”center”]They are instantly recognizable, the music and albums that have shaped popular culture for generations. ICON explores the inside story of the most memorable albums that you know and love – with those that were there. Your hosts are music industry professionals, production company CEO Paul Doty and radio personality Roman Guzman. iconpauldotyromanguzman.com/


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