PHOTO: Reno Perez lays down the Blues, May 2015

PHOTO: Reno Perez lays down the Blues, May 2015

If you’re looking for authentic music venues, look no further than The Julep Room in Ocean Springs Mississippi.   Located Just over the bridge from the Casinos in Biloxi, you may find a few trendy hipsters but not many as the crowd is an in-the-know diverse group of all ages who simply appreciate live music by the amazing talent from all over the U.S.

Situated on a beautiful bayou in the cellar of Aunt Jenny’s Catfish Parlour, the Julep Room is unchanged enough that when you set foot through the door you are taken back to a time when names like Elvis Presley and Billie Holiday (Marilyn Monroe is rumored as well) would frequent. Elvis would come by regularly, and sit in the corner booth in the back.

An historically significant structure that has been used as a  music venue for over 60 years, the main structure was built over 150 years ago with rolled bricks that evidence early American colonial architecture. It’s possible these brick walls provide the unique acoustics for such a cool vibe to the sound that emanates from these walls 7 days a week.  Or maybe it’s the purported haunting that provides this vibe, as ghosts have been known to ask if you’re finished with your fried pickles, and don’t mind if they do?

The mineral springs in the area have long attracted visitors, the first known were established by a 1976 archaeological excavation which determined that Native Americans of the Marksville Period (approximately fifteen centuries ago) occupied the site.  Put The Julep Room on your bucket list.


The Julep room is located at 1217 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs Mississippi, MAP



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