SYCO/Columbia Records Announce the Release of Wicked Game, the Highly Anticipated New Album From Il Divo

NEW YORK, — Il Divo, the world’s foremost classical crossover group, released their stunning new album, Wicked Game, on November 8th on SYCO/Columbia Records. This phenomenal quartet — Carlos Marin, Sebastien Izambard, David Miller and Urs Buhler — return with their most impressive album since their 2004 debut defined a new musical genre.

In May, the UK Classical Brits presented Il Divo the prestigious Artist of the Decade Award. Earlier they played two landmark concerts at the London Coliseum backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra where they previewed new material.

The new album is produced by Per Magnusson and David Krueger with additional production from Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard. In addition to the title track, other highlights include an emotionally beautiful rendering of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” and a heavenly version of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio For Strings.”
Carlos Marin describes the recording of the new album as “unbelievable — you can really hear the evolution. And that connection between us, the way that the combination produces magic, it’s stronger than ever.”

Urs Buhler believes this new album will delight their fans as much as it has them. “We think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done,” he states.

David Miller says what sets Il Divo apart is “the range of colors that the four of our voices has.”
Sebastien Izambard pinpoints their unique relationship with their audience as a key strength. “That’s the biggest achievement, bigger than any award, seeing all the fans out there. And they are still there, six years on.”

Their groundbreaking success has brought an entirely new vocal sound to modern day music and they are solely responsible for creating a brand new, widely copied genre.

With more than 25 million album sales, 150 gold and platinum awards, over 2 million concert tickets sold and the only classical crossover album — Ancora — ever to enter the Billboard Top 200 at number 1, Il Divo could rest on their laurels, but that has never been their style.
Their story continues to evolve and Wicked Game is a very exciting new chapter.


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