Shakes your booty. You can buy one for your home too. ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers let users feel low-frequency sound (bass).

WESTERVILLE, Ohio, Jan. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The IMAX 3D Theaters at Jordan’s Furniture in Natick and Reading, Massachusetts, have thrilled audiences with The Guitammer Company’s (OTCBB: GTMM.OB) ButtKicker® brand “low frequency effects” products since inception. Now they are doing the same in Russia.

The ButtKicker® LFE audio transducer converts low frequency sound into a physical sensation. Connected to theater seating, they augment the sound system by sending the feeling of bass and effects directly to the audience without increasing the overall sound system volume.

192 ButtKicker® brand, LFE “Low Frequency Effects” transducers are installed in and shake every seat in the 500-seat IMAX 3D Theater in Reading, MA. And, in the Natick IMAX 3D Theater, all 272 seats bring the movie to life with the 107 ButtKicker LFE transducers.

“Seeing an IMAX film at Jordan’s is the only way to see a movie!” says Eliot Tatelman, President/CEO of Jordan’s Furniture. “A big part of the experience is the ButtKickers. At Jordan’s Furniture, you don’t just see a movie…you feel a movie! Once a customer experiences a movie with us, they don’t go back to traditional movie houses. It’s the only way to go!”

Tom Fraze, Projection Manager at Jordan’s Furniture said, “The ButtKickers are unique to Jordan’s IMAX theater application. They add an effect to sound reinforcement that our audiences feel. Seeing a movie at Jordan’s is different than anywhere else and ButtKickers add to our overall superior showmanship.”

In mid 2011, a 500-seat IMAX Theater in Krasnodar, Russia along with two 58 seat VIP theaters opened. Every seat in all three theaters shakes courtesy of the 160 unit ButtKicker® transducer installation. According to Yuga.ra, this theater is the “…. biggest IMAX hall in Russia in Krasnodar, with a screen of 400 square meters.” And, “Its screen is in the top ten biggest cinema screens in the world.”

Mark Luden, President of Guitammer states, this IMAX theater, combined with our recent cinema installations in China, Macau and S. Korea, is proof of our growing international cinema presence and desire for owners, operators and audiences around the world to enjoy not only a “3D” movie experience, but to take it to the next level, “4D.”


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