By:  Carla Taylor (RIPple Puddle)

Do you ever feel like your trapped inside your own observations? The new season of the Jim Gaffigan show is the little man in your head, add Hot Pockets. It is back to its artistically choreographed irony- and not in a hip, detached way. The writing is all in. But don’t get me wrong, if you have turned on this show, you are fully aware that you’re watching SFW, belly-rubbing material.

I can’t help but compare Mr. Gaffigan to Louie, Louis CK’s tv show that dips deeply into the tragic part of comedy. It’s an easy linear assessment, because we are talking about men who love to hate themselves for the entertainment of others. But Gaffigan does so with more commercial ease. He’s a squeezable peach.

Try to ignore the religious undertones and resist the urge to wish Gaffigan’s onscreen wife Jeannie a long, perilous journey through the North Atlantic.

Watch the show even if just to enjoy the excellent roster of cameos that seem to comprise part of the cast (my favorite so far this season: McCauley Calkin arriving at the pearly gates of heaven…again).
Watch the show to enjoy the pathos of Michael Ian Black. Hell, just watch the show to be pleasantly entertained.  Premieres Sunday June 19th on TVland.com


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