Described by Kevin Sorbo as “a twisted love story,” Julia X 3D is a bloody morbid, humorous romp through a serial killer’s “best date ever.” Sorbo plays The Stranger, a serial killer who combs craigslist looking for dates and finally meets his perfect match in Julia. The film starts like a typical horror/slasher with a high gore factor then takes a nutty left turn when Sorbo gives personality to his twisted character. Are Hercules fans ready for this? He plays the bad guy with equal parts villainous zeal and tender affection for his victims. He’s mad – entirely bonkers.

Valerie Azlynn’s Julia refuses to be victimized and gives as good as she gets, and as the date develops there are some good moments as the characters connect. The director/writer, P.J. Pettiette, does a great job at leading the audience deeper into the story by making the darker content palatable enough that by the end of this ride you’ve both laughed and cringed. Filmed in Louisiana using actual 3D technology instead of “post-conversion” techniques, it’s example of a 3D independent feature film that can hold it’s own against Hollywood.


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