Andrew Cole is determined to stop bullying. He was teased while growing up for his career choice as a musician, ironically in Liverpool, the town that spawned the Beatles. Andrew never gave up in spite of the constant daily barrage, and he’s now working with some very well known entertainment industry veterans, including Julian Lennon, Meatloaf, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Rodgers, Ron Sexsmith, Tom Cochrane and Steve Vai, all backed by members of Paul McCartney’s band on an anti-bullying project. , Lemmy, Slash, and nearly 30 other celebrities have shared their story with Cole. Snoop Lion is currently in talks with Cole about the project.

Cole knows that music has the power to effect change, and inspire people to take action. It is both a rallying cry, and a calming influence. There are many more cultural icons working alongside Cole and the Canadian Centre for Abuse in the quest to save lives and heal the violence and verbal abuse.

He started with a song, “Think I’m a Joke,” and it developed into the documentary. Cole set out on a mission to bring awareness through the song, but his journey has been anything but smooth. His goal is to get the song recorded by many well-known iconic musicians across the globe, and create a song that echoes the common goal of raising the awareness of bullying. Along the way he hopes to record their personal stories, and how music and the support of others helped them overcome the emotional and physical scars they endured.

The documentary is near completion, but the journey is far from complete.

Joke: A Documentary is a story about Cole’s quest, and how his journey to make this song is not only personal, it is also profound. In listening to some of the most famous people in music share their story, Andrew is able to conquer his own demons. Ultimately, it is the power of painful memories and emotional scars that compel these musicians to help out a virtual unknown like Andrew, and even to share very personal and sometimes tragic stories. Here’s a clip of an interview on Canadian National Television where Andrew shares some of his journey and footage.

“You Gotta Trust the Universe and just Believe! We can accomplish anything we truly see. If you’re a bully or have been bullied, there is always a chance to turn it all around. LOVE” – Andrew Cole


Enjoy this debut video “Out of Time” from Andrew’s first CD on Crier Records:


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