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JW: What are you currently working on, Kate?

Kate Crash: I’ve been serenading my sun setting youth with parties and downcrashing with the dawn crashers, offering roses to the graves of misfortune, wandering the savage wastelands of memories,taking down the stories of freeloaders puking up confetti in their 6am charm waning watching their gloom and dank promises of heaven broken by the sun

I write it all down and now I’m finishing summarizing one of these boys up that I tangled my heart with for a little too long in a video album called “To You, Never Again”.

I wrote, recorded, and produced the music in my living room riding the chariots of love’s meltdown turned insanity and have been crowdfunding to help get it released. Ethan Kaufman mixed it.

Most of the videos are almost done and they costar the fabulous retired at 26 writer Brett Grace and were made by me and the amazing Ashley Walters aka Smashley. It’s central theme is the descent the mind can take due to programming from media, family, lost rituals of childhood and how we can throw all of that into our lovers and our lives never breaking free to realize that everything we know may be a lie and that we are consistently victimizing and chaining our own minds. The character hits rock bottom and…well, I’ll leave it there.

I am also turning this album into a multimedia musical with Michael J. Masucci.

JW: Are you a film fan? Any favorite films?

Kate Crash: Yes, I love films! Here are some of my fav’s in no order: Catherine Hardwicke directed and co-wrote the fabulous film 13. It is emotional, volatile, and poetic. She also recently made a film called Miss You Already that I did some songs for and it is a really moving cancer and rock n roll film. She’s a hero and I’ll get more to her later.

My wild friend Nacho Vigalondo (you can see him in my Crash in a Flash youtube show) made an amazing short film that he wrote, directed, and starred in called 7:35 de la mañana and he has a new super film coming out called Colossal which everyone should go see. When I was a child my favorite films were Paper Moon, Blue Velvet, Female Trouble, Ma Vie En Rose, Princess Mononoke, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars the Motion Picture, Don’t Look Back.

As far as art films go I highly recommend checking out EZTV museum’s vimeo.

JW: Do you write screenplays, and will you write a memoir?

Kate Crash: I have a novel out called Plush that I wrote for Catherine Hardwicke. I am currently writing a pilot with her which we are very excited about. I have a lot of short books and another novel I have written that I have yet to release due to time constraints haha! A memoir will happen one day….

JW: Should art shock and provoke?

Kate Crash: I think art can do many things and there isn’t a requirement for it to shock and provoke but I do enjoy art that does that. I feel like the top of the art world now is filled with a bunch of the same, they often all hit one note, don’t cause people to question the world around them, and aren’t commenting on the state of the planet and it’s people. Big Money has saturated it and determines what is successful therefor we a bunch of the same. There’s amazing art being made you just won’t see it at the top. If you are the system then you don’t want to promote things that question the system. Kate Johnson and Michael J. Masucci are some of my favorite artists right now.

JW: What lies in the future for you?

Kate Crash: The future… hmmm, hopefully art, music, chanting, and being healthy. I think as an artist I want to create as much as possible work that has value and meaning. Weird multimedia musicals, novels, tv shows, video albums, random excitement, the thrill of the unknown, who knows who knows who knows?

JW: Any favorite punk or indie bands? Anyone that Like currently in music?

Kate Crash: I love my friend Death Cat if you want weird experimental music, comics, and film he does all of those. Current Indie Musicians I dig: Julia Jaklin, The Mystery Lights, The Veils, Sarah Jaffe, Frightened Rabbit. Current Pop Songs: Gold – Kiiara, Needed Me – Rihanna

Some older school stuff: Let it Ride (Live in Cork) – Ryan Adams, It Won’t Hurt (acoustic) – Dwight Yoakam, Waiting Around to Die – Townes Van Zandt, About You – Jesus and Mary Chain, These Days – Nico, the whole album Pretty On The Inside – Hole (It just hit it’s 25th anniversary and I have a little film I made for Eric if you want to check out his feedback interpretation of it)

JW: Could you tell us about your creative process-how do you begin?

Kate Crash: I have many different routes to shatter the stars and burn my heart up. Sometimes it’s midnight sleep ramblings I find in ink on my arm after sleep, sometimes I am assigned a writing or songwriting job and I immerse myself in inspiration and then let it bleed out of me, sometimes it’s a programmed beat, sometimes a mistaken memory, sometimes a dream of what it could be if only I could catch it, the surreal imagery that seems to coat everything in front of me, a lot of hit record and make up whatever comes to mind on my guitar and singing, a poem might blow up into a melody, all ways are ok. I just have to reach deep down and get in touch and allow myself to lay around in the muck.

Should we end on a poem? I think so….

 I was laying in the bath singing a high and slow drip version of Desperado
letting the warmth of the water make languid palms over my body
pale and a little bruised up always on the knees
Part way through I stopped
felt the exhaustion of the day sink into my dreams, the struggles, the wonderings, the constant forgiving of the clocks, breathe in, let it go, sometimes I can’t finish my own refrains, reach for the drain, see my reflection always changed, seep into the silence
and after a few missed beats
somewhere up above
a neighbor sang just as high as me and finished the rest of the song
quivering just as I was
Tender and insane and still somehow strong
These are the moments where I feel I most belong


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