Comic Con Austin brought droves of people to the Austin Convention Center to view TV stars like Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda,), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), Hayden Panattiere (Heroes) and Eisner Award – winning comic book illustrators. In only the second year to host the Wizard World event, Austin represented with it’s own fabulous artists at “The Con” with Spiderwood Studios supported Indie Film Bad Kids Go to Hell, and sculptor Clayburn Moore, the only Frank Frazetta authorized sculptor. Kevin Sorbo was on hand with his new book True Strength, which chronicles his debilitating yet hidden illness during the years Hercules was a top television hit. Fans gathered to talk to the affable star and have their picture taken as he answered questions and signed posters. AMFM talked to Kevin about working with Anthony Quinn and the the studio world during those years.

True Strength is a good read, a personal insight into the private life of a celebrity with a large international fanbase which continues to express their support and affection for the man. That’s because they know Kevin looms larger in real life as a tireless spokesman for A World Fit For Kids, a non-profit dedicated to turning underprivileged kids lives around. It takes strong character to transcend the typical narcissism of Hollywood and a life-threatening illness to become a successful force for change. More information on A World Fit For Kids can be found here. Information on Kevin’s upcoming films and projects can be found on his official website.


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