Unrehearsed! UNCENSORED! Unwarranted!

In this collaboration between AMFM Magazine’s Bears Fonte and Film Colossus‘ Chris Lambert, we go see a movie we’ve read nothing about, then immediately after (within three minutes) pass judgment on it. This time, it is Australian writer/director Joel Egerton’s THE GIFT, a tense thriller starring Jason Bateman, who I haven’t trusted since he was Ricky Schroeder’s next door neighbor.  Come to think it, probably also why I don’t trust people in berets either.


The Gift (Knee Jerk Reactions – download)

 Knee Jerk Reactions is a collaboration between AMFM Magazine and Film Colossus.

Chris Lambert is the co-founder of Film Colossus and the head Fiction editor for Red Fez Publications.  His first novel, Killer &Victim, just came out.  He’s settled in Texas, but growing up in Ohio means he still suffers from being a Cleveland sports fan. Fight Club and Groundhog Day are his two favorite movies.

Bears Fonte covers indie film for AMFM Magazine and programs and consults for film festivals nationwide.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival as well as the former Director of Programming for Austin Film Festival.  His short The Secret Keeper played at 40 festivals, his feature iCrime was released in 2011 by Vicious Circle.



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