What I felt after watching Ironclad was that I had just watched a British indie-historical-action flick, a phrase not often written, heard, or said. Jonathan English has really raised the bar when it comes to what is possible in British cinema – Joe Walsh, Cinevue

IRONCLAD is an epic action movie set in the time of the Knights Templars. Paul Giamatti stars as King John, who reneges on his signing of the Magna Carta and tries to get his lands back in battle. Historically accurate, the movie makers don’t apologize for the graphic violence, that’s the way it was according to the drawings from the monks of that time. The movie is already out on Video on Demand VOD (June 8th) and was released in theaters on July 8th. Here’s 1. the trailer, 2. a violent compilation of the most horrendous scenes, and 3. the much milder music video.

A Medieval ‘Magnificent Seven’, that combines the visceral, stylized action of ‘300’ with the impassioned heroism and romance of ‘Braveheart.’ IRONCLAD is an ultra-violent action thriller that tells the true story of a motley crew of tough, battle hardened warriors, who withstood several brutal and bloody months under siege, in a desperate bid to defend their country’s freedom. Film stars Paul Giamatti, Kate Mara, James Purefoy and Brian Cox and directed by Jonathan English

New artist Aika Hirahara sings on the movie’s official music video “Dancing Arrows,” and her lovely ethereal vocals contrast nicely with the depiction of how brutish life was at that time. The trailer music was arranged and produced by award-winning producer Nicolas Farmakalidis of Neila Productions. The main riffs as well as many musical elements of the trailer music were derived from a song called “Dancing Arrows” by Aika, which was co-written by Aika Hirahara and Nicolas Farmakalidis.


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