LatinWorks and Domino’s Pizza hosted “Vibes: A Night to Feel The Music,” a special live music event designed to bring a unique and totally immersive music experience to the deaf community on October 9th at the North Door in Austin, Texas.

“There is a misconception that the deaf community can’t enjoy a music experience and we are excited to have an event that demonstrates that music is in fact a universal language that is loved by all,” said Claire Bugen, Superintendent Texas School for the Deaf.

LatinWorks worked closely with the Texas School for The Deaf (TSD), Group Therapy Studios, Spreadfast and Charlie Uniform Tango to produce the multi-sensory event. The Vibes concert provided students with a music experience transcending sound by incorporating vibrations and a light display synchronized to music. The event, showcasing live performances,took attendees on a thoroughly engaging, tactile journey. Cultivating a full-body experience, the venue was outfitted with a special wood floor that reacted to a series of custom low frequency speakers arranged throughout the venue to create vibrations the audience can feel. A dynamic light show timed with the rhythm of the live performances added a thrilling visual component to the music experience. Guests were supplied with special LED-equipped bracelets that are designed to flash in tune to the music. Real-time social media content was captured on the venue’s LCD screens, allowing concertgoers to engage in the conversation throughout the night.

The concert showcased a stellar talent lineup including TSD alumnus and actor Russell Harvard, most recently recognized for his role on the hit FX television series “Fargo,” who served as the evening’s emcee and music interpreter. The concert featured performances from some of Austin’s most celebrated acts including rock band Quiet Company, husband and wife hip-hop duo Riders Against The Storm, and electronic trio The Shears.

Austin is not only considered the “live music capital of the world” but is also home to one of the nation’s largest per capita deaf populations.  LatinWorks and Domino’s gave back to the community by treating Texas School for the Deaf students and faculty to an unforgettable night of music and pizza.


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