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James Mangold has delivered a stand-alone movie that even if you had never seen any of the other nine films with Wolverine, you would understand the entire series.

Set in a not too distant future that looks very similar to our current day (side note: self driving trucks as seen in this movie are about to become reality, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday), the movie is a perfect ending to the Wolverine X-Men installations.

The mutants have all but disappeared, and the very few that remain are in hiding.  Nonagenerian Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart)  has lost his very dangerous mind, and is being kept for his own (and every one else’s) safety in a remote location in Mexico. A terminally ill  Logan has hired an albino mutant (Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant)  to care for Xavier while he drives a beautiful limousine for income – with plans to buy a luxury boat “the sun seeker” where he and Charles can live out the rest of their days.

Enter a distraught woman asking for help with a strange, mute little girl – Laura, and a score of criminal cyborgs (“Reavers”) hot on their trail.

What ensues is not so much a cartoon (in fact there are some self-deprecating jabs at the Wolverine comic books by Logan) as a full-blown big time drama as Logan discovers his legacy and simultaneously exits stage right.  It’s a fantastic ending to the X:Men chapter, the end of the road.  A must-see, and just might make a fan of those who eschew “comic book movies.”


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