Spotlight on Actress Lois Robbins

Lois Robbins, a native New Yorker and accomplished actress whose early work on daytime television, including roles on “One Life to Live”, “Loving”, “Ryan’s Hope”, and “All My Children” Additional television credits include “Sex And The City”, “Law and Order”, “Law and Order SVU”, “Kingpin”, “Once and Again”, and “Blue Bloods” to name a few.

AMFM:  Could you tell us Lois about your role in your latest film, “Blowtorch”?
What was the experience like?

LOIS ROBBINS; Doing BLOWTORCH gave me an opportunity to explore the life of a woman very different from myself. And Willis, is a single mother of three who is trying to take care of her family. I took a waitress job to prepare for the role which really helped me to inform my character.
The tragic overtone of the film was sometimes difficult to wrap my head around but being a mother myself gave me an enormous amount to draw from.
I loved working with this cast and the entire experience was amazing.

AMFM: What was it like starring on “Law and Order” series and “Bluebloods”?

LR: Doing episodic television as a guest star is often times challenging. You are always walking onto a set with people who are together all the time and are a family. In both cases, on Law And Order and on Blue Bloods, the cast and crew were extremely welcoming.
Any opportunity to work with people of that caliber-all I can say is-bring it on!!

AMFM: What was it like to work with Eric Roberts and Vanessa Redgrave?

LR: Eric is an actor who likes to be spontaneous-not rehearse a lot. This was challenging for me because I’m the opposite. Having said that, there was an enormous amount of mutual respect. I had to earn his, and rightly so as he has been at this a lot longer than I have. By the end of filming we had become very chummy and I really enjoyed our time together.

I’ll be working on the film with Vanessa Redgrave in April. Most of my scenes will be with Jonathan Rheys Meyers but I am sure I will have an opportunity to commune with Ms least at the craft services table!!

AMFM: Any favorite roles during your career?

LR: Stephanie Dickenson in the revival of Cactus Flower was one of my favorite roles. I loved the journey my character took, the writing in the play is fast paced and funny. I love comedy.
Ann Willis in Blowtorch was a challenging and heartbreaking character. I loved the cast and sinking my teeth into Ann’s difficult world.

AMFM: Does acting come easy to you, or is every role a challenge?

LR: My old acting coach Fred Kareman said, Acting is the ability to behave naturally in imaginary circumstances”. I believe that and I love playing make believe. So, I guess the answer is- it doesn’t always come easily but I love every opportunity to “play”!

AMFM: Could you tell us about any upcoming plans as far as productions, theatrical and films?

LR: Yes! I am very excited to film THE ASPERN PAPERS in Venice, Italy this April. I am playing Mrs Prest who is an American expat living in Venice. It’s a period piece based on the Henry James novel starring Vanessa Redgrave and Jolie Richardson.
I have also written my first play, titled L.O.V.E.R which has been offered a production at The Schoolhouse Theater in Croton Falls, NY this spring. I start rehearsal on May 9th, open on June 8th-25th.


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