AMFM Magazine, Serrano’s Restaurant and Musical Services Group present Margo Rey at Serrano’s Symphony Square March 14th, starting at 8 p.m. It’s a free show at Austin’s best kept secret, our very own “Riverwalk” type ampitheater a few blocks north of downtown on Red River. Margo’s husband, comedian Ron White will be in attendance watching his wife sing “Let the Rain,” which charted at #17 on Billboard’s Dance Charts. Ron thinks “Margo creates the sexiest music on the planet,” and we tend to agree. Come join us and AMFM’s own Reno Perez will also entertain you with some surprise musical guests, and his own flavor of the blues. The amphitheatre is surrounded by historic buildings, including the headquarters of the Austin Symphony, Serrano’s Restaurant, and the Mercantile Room, which used to house one of the oldest New Orlean’s style jazz clubs in Austin (an historic vibe permeates this building, legislators would come down from the hill and unwind here and it’s the purported scene of a gun fight…by said legislators. This is Texas you know.) There’s plenty of parking, the accoustics are astounding and the weather is beautiful this time of year, come join us.

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Thanks so much for listening to my music that I call Organica™. Organica is a ferociously nuanced hybrid of Alternative Pop that is deeply rooted in lush vocals, ambient guitars, with thick, dynamic grooves all created by humans not machines. Yummy! – Margo Rey

Margo explains, “The Rolling Stones song, “Heaven,” inspired the concept of my new album Habit. I needed to create something gritty and ambient with lo-fi elements because my ears were saturated and over stimulated with the cloned sounds of today’s pop culture environment. Habit is a collection of songs with a penetrating pulse that defines my human condition of late. Put together the myriad of contrasting emotions of my past two years in a set list, and you have Habit.”

“As for the title and the title song, everyone’s got a Habit (or two). Be it positive or negative, a habit can be the ultimate distraction, what slowly kills you, or what sets you free. So, choose your Habit wisely. I hope you start with mine.”


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