Organised by IFEMA, the Fashion Week will stage its 57th edition from 18th to 22nd February at Feria de Madrid

• In total, some 42 designers will present their collections on the catwalk, to whom we must also add the 20 up-and-coming designers taking part in the EGO Showroom at CIBELESPACIO, featuring direct sale to the general public

• The young designers, Rabaneda, Moisés Nieto and Etxeberría, will join the General Programme at this edition

• The up-and-coming designers at EGO will feature a new award as of this edition, known as the Mercedes Benz-Fashion Talent Prize, which seeks to promote the best young designer at the EGO Forum on an international basis. Specifically, this event, which serves as the leading promotional forum in Spain for new design talents, will be staging its fifteenth edition on this occasion, having brought together more than one hundred participants throughout its history

• The 13 sponsoring brands at this edition are actively involved in Fashion Week and strongly committed to the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal and INDITEX are the main sponsors, whilst Mahou Cinco Estrellas and Movistar are event sponsors. Furthermore, this edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will enjoy the support of Solán de Cabras, Schweppes, G’Vine, eBay, Truvia, Rowenta, Audemars Piguet and Gioseppo

From 18th to 22nd February, Hall 14.1 at Feria de Madrid will host the staging of the most comprehensive showcase for Spanish creation and design with the fifty-seventh edition of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID (MBFWM), an event organised by IFEMA.

Over a period of five days, the main purpose of this showcase is to promote the world of Spanish fashion in all its creative diversity, by presenting the latest ideas for Autumn/Winter 2013-14 in Hall 14.1 from 42 established designers and various up-and-coming designers of the moment.

These fashion creators will be complemented by some twenty young design talents who, as at each edition of the Week, will be presenting their collections in the EGO Showroom located at CIBELESPACIO (a stands area located alongside the two catwalks), featuring direct sale to members of the public.

On this occasion, the fashion shows will take place between Monday and Friday, without including the weekend, as has been customary in recent years. Irrespective of this fact, the schedule will present a similar structure to that of previous years. Thus, the fashion shows of Spain’s established designers will take place between Monday and Thursday, with Friday being set aside entirely for the young designers from EGO.

The two fashion show rooms at this edition of the Week will be known as Mercedes-Benz and, as a new feature, Bertha Benz, the name of the wife of Carl Benz, who invented the gasoline-powered automobile in 1886. She was an enterprising woman who was ahead of her time. Bertha Benz’s groundbreaking personality presents many parallels with the world of fashion and its constantly innovative spirit. It is not surprising to learn, in this respect, that Bertha Benz is considered to be the first woman in the history of the automobile to undertake a long-distance journey, as well as being the first car mechanic in the world.

A New Award for Younger Designers at EGO
Furthermore, this edition of MBFWM will mark the commencement of a collaboration promoted by the different fashion shows that Mercedes-Benz sponsors throughout the world, one aimed at presenting a prize at each edition to the best young designer at the EGO Forum, complete with international promotional measures. The name of this new prize is the Mercedes Benz-Fashion Talent.

Thus, according to the rules of the prize, on Friday 22nd February a Jury will select the best designer from amongst the participants on the EGO Catwalk. The prize will consist of the opportunity to take part the following season at one of the fashion shows that Mercedes-Benz sponsors throughout the world.

In the same way as a designer is selected in Spain, the same prize will be awarded at other international fashion shows, so that the next edition of MBFWM will feature the participation of a designer who has been recognised at another up-and-coming design talent event in a different country, thus joining the other young designers from Spain.

Rabaneda, Etxeberría and Moisés Nieto: New Participants on the General Program
Another of the new features at this edition of MBFWM consists of the incorporation of the young designers, Rabaneda, Etxeberría and Moisés Nieto, into the General Programme. In all three cases, these are designers whose meteoric professional careers have provided sufficient evidence of their fashion talent. Their unique conception of design and creation constitutes their best declaration of intentions.

The designer from Seville, Daniel Rabaneda, is a member of ACME and presented his first collection on the catwalk in 2010. Since then he has enjoyed success in various different areas of the fashion world. For his part, the designer from Guipúzcoa, Etxeberría, comes from the EGO Forum, where he received the L’Oréal Prize at two consecutive editions in 2011. Since he presented his first collection on the catwalk in 2008, he has taken part at various important fairs and exhibitions, both inside Spain and abroad, surprising the public with his designs and impeccable cuts.

The designer, Moisés Nieto, also comes from EGO and also won the L’Oréal Prize, in this case in February 2012. In 2010 he presented his first collection on the catwalk, after having worked at the atelier belonging to the designer, Antonio Alvarado, and the fashion firm, Bimba y Lola. He has also received various prizes in prestigious national and international design competitions.

Fashion Show Schedule
The fist few days of this fifty-seventh edition of MBFWM, which is due to take place from Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th February, will be devoted to the designers belonging to the Fashion Designers Association of Spain (ACME). Thursday 21st will be set aside for both the designers that do not form part of this Association, as well as those taking part in the double Fur Fashion Show, whilst Friday 22nd will be devoted to the five double fashions shows of the young designers at EGO.

The first day of the schedule, Monday 18th February, will feature presentations of the collections from Andrés Sardá, Francis Montesinos, Hannibal Laguna, Miguel Palacio, Teresa Helbig, Ana Locking, Juana Martín and Maya Hansen.

The double fashion show presented by Rabaneda and María Barros will open the fashion show programme on Tuesday 19th February. This event will be followed by the shows presented by Ailanto, Roberto Torretta, Roberto Verino, Victorio & Lucchino, Angel Schlesser, and the firm, Aristocrazy, which specialises in fashion jewellery. In effect, this jewellery firm will stage its second show at MBFWM a year after it made its spectacular debut on the catwalk.

Wednesday 20th will kick off with a double fashion show presented by Ion Fiz and Sara Coleman, followed by the presentation of collections from Davidelfín, Juanjo Oliva, AA de Amaya Arzuaga, Duyos, Devota y Lomba and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Furthermore, on the same Wednesday at 9.00 p.m., Mahou will present a new fashion show concept under the heading of the Mahou Urban Collection by Bimba, which will take place outside IFEMA in Hall 16 at Matadero Madrid.

Through the auspices of Bimba Bosé, Mahou Cinco Estrellas, the organiser of the fashion event, will seek to capture the essence of the styles that can be seen on the streets. The singer and model, who is one of the best-known faces within the world of Spanish fashion, will seek to reflect on the catwalk all of the styles that are worn throughout the city, making up the freshest and most authentic fashion look. In addition, Bimba Bosé and Mahou will offer design enthusiasts the opportunity to become models for a day, effectively choosing the individuals who are going to take part in the show at a public casting event organised through the social media.

On Thursday 21st February, Hall 14.1 will host the staging of the fashion shows organised by designers who do not form part of ACME. The day will kick off with the presentation of a collection from Sita Murt, who will be followed by TCN, the double fashion show featuring Etxeberria and Moisés Nieto, and the collections from Maria Escoté and Martin Lamothe. The double fur fashion show organised by Miguel Marinero and Jesús Lorenzo will conclude the programme of established designers at this edition.

As far as EGO is concerned, the presentation of the collections from up-and-coming designers in Spain will take place entirely throughout the course of the day on Friday 22nd February. As is customary, the programme will be structured around five double fashion shows featuring the collections of 10 young talents from the world of Spanish fashion.

Out of the total number of participants, two have presented their collections at previous editions of EGO, whilst the remaining eight will be taking part for the first time. The designers who will be appearing again include Leyre Valiente and Valdnad, whilst the first-time participants are Pepa Salazar, POL, Manemane, Heridadegato, HOWL by Maria Glück, Eugenio Loarce, Pablo Erroz and Ssic and Paul.

With 15n editions behind it, including this edition, EGO has brought together more than one hundred young designers since the initiative was set up by IFEMA back in February 2006. Their participation at this forum has provided these designers with the boost they need to continue developing their professional careers within the different areas of the fashion field.

Specifically, six of these designers have gone on to be included on the General Fashion Show Schedule at Madrid Fashion Week. Thus, the names of the young designers, Maria Escoté, Martín Lamothe, Sara Coleman and Maya Hansen will be complemented at this edition by those of Etxeberria and Moisés Nieto.

As far as the EGO Showroom is concerned, this part of the event will maintain the new philosophy that was introduced at last September’s edition, which represents a key development regarding the event that has been organised in past years. Thus, in addition to a new approach in terms of the decoration and design of this space, the EGO Showroom will focus exclusively on the exhibition and on the sale of these clothing collections by twenty new designers to the public. These participants have been chosen due to their original and unique contributions to the current fashion scene.

In addition, MBFWM February 2013 will feature an Off Programme, including three fashion shows by designers at different venues throughout Madrid.

Live Fashion Shows on the Web
Once again on this occasion, MBFWM will present its fashion shows live to all those interested in fashion, both inside Spain and abroad, through the web site, Furthermore, between each fashion show, followers of the page will enjoy a live programme featuring interviews with the main participants of the Fashion Programme each day, in addition to a series of reports. What is more, as at previous editions, both these fashion shows and the extra programme contents can be seen in recorded format on demand through the web page after Fashion Week has concluded and at the moment chosen by users. During the last edition of the event, the web site recorded nearly 60,000 visits. These users connected via their computers and mobile devices in order to follow the catwalk shows and the specific complementary programme.

The Sponsoring Brands Confirm Their Strong Commitment
The sponsoring brands at the fifty-seventh edition of the Madrid catwalk, organised by IFEMA, will present high levels of involvement, visibility and commitment to the event.

In total, some 13 companies will support Madrid’s fashion event on this occasion with their presence, belonging to various different sectors, although they all have one thing in common: an interest in associating themselves through different initiatives with one of the leading brands within the world for fashion and new trends, namely Madrid’s leading fashion showcase.

As in September 2012, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal and INDITEX are the main sponsors at this fifty-seventh edition.

Mercedes-Benz owns the naming rights for the event from the February 2012 edition, following the agreement signed between IFEMA and the German vehicle make. The agreement seeks to promote the international development of the fair, as well as strengthening the German vehicle make’s links with the world of fashion and new trends, a strategy it has also pursued throughout the rest of the world. In addition to the name for the event as a whole, namely MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, the rooms where the fashion shows take place will be known at this edition as the Mercedes Benz Room and the Bertha Benz Room.

For its part, L’Oréal Paris will also serve as a main sponsor at Madrid Fashion Week, in its capacity as the most renowned beauty care company on the international scene, based on its creativity, glamour and innovation. This firm will once again serve as Official Hairdresser and Make-Up Artist for Fashion Week in Madrid, starring on the Madrid catwalk with its hair and make-up creations for the models taking part in each of the shows, thus providing the final touch for each and every collection.

Furthermore, the Madrid catwalk will once again provide the setting for the Awards sponsored by the company, L’Oréal Paris. These Awards will be presented to the Best Established Designer’s Collection presented, as well as to the Best Model on the fashion shows of each edition. A jury made up of leading fashion industry experts will choose the winning companies and model. At the last edition, these awards went to the collection by Davidelfin and to the model, Alba Galocha.

For its part, INDITEX will once again take part as a main sponsor of MBFWM at this edition.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas will also once again appear at this edition of MBFWM as a sponsor, thus sharing its enthusiasm for design, fashion and the latest trends with this grand Spanish fashion showcase.

Alongside these brands, other companies will also show their interest in fashion, design and new trends, including the following: Movistar, which will sponsor the Press Room at MBFWM; Solán de Cabras, which will provide the official water used by all professionals at Fashion Week, both front-stage and backstage; Audemars Piguet, which will contribute its elegant clocks in order to chime the hours in the fashion show rooms; Truvia will contribute its low-calorie natural sweetener; and Rowenta will ensure that the designs that are presented on the catwalk are quite impeccable.

Furthermore, this edition of MBFWM will feature the first-time participation of eBay, which will promote its interest in fashion by offering visitors to CIBELESPACIO a glimpse of its wide-ranging selection of new clothing and accessories, many of which are difficult to find. At the same time, eBay will promote itself as a worldwide showcase that offers visibility to the collections presented by designers and brands, as well as the clothing items belonging to individuals, among its more than 100 million users.

In most cases, these sponsors will organise different activities aimed at the public within the attractive area known as CIBELESPACIO. This area features a series of permanent activities, including tasting sessions, make-up and styling demonstrations, the sale of exclusive creations by young designers, etc.

Furthermore, the area known as the Kissing Room, which serves as the habitual meeting-point for designers, their guests and members of the press, will maintain the new concept presented at the last edition. This area offers a permanent sense of ambience throughout each day of Fashion Week and not just at the end of each fashion show, as has usually been the case in the past. The Kissing Room will set aside separate spaces for various participants, including the following: Mahou Cinco Estrellas, one of the sponsors; G’Vine, the only Ultra Premium Gin distilled using green grapes; Schweppes, with its range of tonic waters; and Solán de Cabras, which will provide the official water for the event. In each case these participants will create a series of attractive ambiences for the reception of their own guests, the guests invited by the designers and members of the press.

Furthermore, the footwear company, Gioseppo, has provided the shoes for the team of stewards and stewardesses at this edition of MBFWM.

For their part, the leading fashion publications will also be present at this edition of MBFWM, based on their active participation in the Cibelespacio Area with a series of different initiatives.

Additionally, Mahou Cinco Estrellas will once again be the sponsor of the specific area set aside for fashion bloggers, once again confirming the recognition that Spain’s leading fashion forum has granted to this generation of fashion enthusiasts who have invented a new way of talking about the latest trends, both in Spain and abroad. In addition, from a specific area at Cibelespacio, a selection of the most important bloggers on the Spanish fashion scene will once again offer their community of virtual followers all of their fascinating insights, featuring the special sense of immediacy and particular appeal that characterises them.

A Fresh and Modern Web Page
As is customary, at this edition of MBFWM the web site presented by Madrid Fashion Week,, will boast a fresh and modern appeal, providing a faithful reflection of the event itself.

As far as the site’s content is concerned, a simple structure provides a rapid and direct insight into all of the information available regarding everything that is due to take place at Spain’s leading fashion event. In addition to the aesthetic design and segmentation of the information, the creators of the MBFWM website have ensured that it is compatible with the majority of the most popular portable devices and that it can be viewed from any Smartphone and Tablet device.

A Strong Focus on the Social Media and New Technologies
This staging of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID confirms the strong emphasis it has placed on social media sites and new technologies at previous editions.

In the same way as at the last edition, Fashion Week will maintain the online coverage it enjoys through Facebook ( and and Twitter (, relating everything that happens over the five days minute by minute, both on the catwalk and off.

More Than 30,000 Visitors at the 56th Edition
In September 2012, the 56th staging of Madrid Fashion Week welcomed more than 30,000 visitors, including buyers, members of the press and guests. Furthermore, the event was followed by more than one thousand media professionals, of whom around one hundred came from abroad. Of this number, some 20 journalists formed part of the International Press Programme that Madrid Fashion Week carries out at each edition, based on the support of the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX).

IFEMA has also implemented a Hosted Foreign Press Programme for this edition that will attract to the Spanish fashion event an important selection of journalists from the most outstanding international publications. Furthermore, IFEMA has implemented a Buyers Programme in various countries, which means that, on this occasion, Fashion Week will feature representatives from different establishments and department stores from Russia, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Indonesia.



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