“Punch Drunk Lover feat. Slash” by Miss Bang Bang will be available July 15, 2015will be available July 15, 2015

Miss Bang Bang is an experimental rock/rap artist based out of Los Angeles California. As Germfree, her original rapper alter-ego, she featured on six episodes of “The Cypher Effect,” and gained popularity through the EDM world as many of her songs were remixed by various artists including: Kennedy Jonez, Schoolboy Q, Messinian, among others. Unknown to many, she has garnered great respect among many artists in the Hip-Hop and Rap genres, as a ghostwriter for numerous popular artists.

As Miss Bang Bang, she has taken her gritty urban sound and funneled it in to her version of rock’n’roll along with her veteran producer, Big Chris Flores. Her success as a female rapper has many onlookers curious about her new style as a rock’n’roller. For her premier music video as Miss Bang Bang, “Punch Drunk Lover” brought together Slash, Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy, Big Chris Flores, and a dedicated group of people for an epic music video and to film the journey of Elda Gonzales (AKA Miss Bang Bang) from the streets and sleeping at Union Station, to shooting a music video with one of the biggest rock stars in the world – all within 3 weeks time. Recently she has entertained tens of thousands of fans opening at Hard Summer, appeared in The Cypher Effect, completed a tour in Southern California, and appeared on stage with DJ Tatiana at EDC Las Vegas.

Miss Bang Bang is currently completing her rock album, and is also planning for a new music video to go right along with one of her singles.



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