Aussie’s Sports Bar and Grill presents March Music Madness ATX with AMFM Magazine and Elevated Minds Music. ­ Thirty-two stellar bands from all genres in 3 days including “The Voice” contestant Clarissa Serna, favorite Austin bands, a hard rock band from Afghanistan, musical guests from all genres from all over the United States as well as Korea and Germany. THIS YEAR WE WILL WE WILL SEE SOME BANDS RETURN SUCH AS RENO PEREZ (TEXAS), SUNSPOT ( WISCONSIN), LYRIKILL (NEW ORLEANS) AND VINYL THIEF (NASHVILLE). WE WILL FEATURE SOME AMAZING ARTISTS – like CLARISSA SERNA – March 13th at 9 p.m. Watch her own The Cranberries 1990s song “Zombie” as she turns four judges chairs on The Voice this past week.




March 13th ● 4p ­ TBA ● 5p ­ TBA ● 6p ­ DJ Wook (Memphis, TN) ● 7p ­ Spy MC (San Antonio, TX) ● 8p ­ TBA ● 9p ­ Clarissa Serna (Corpus Christi, TX) March 14th ● 2p ­ Geri X (St. Petersburg, FL) ● 3p ­ Sunspot (Madison, WI) ● 4p ­ Reno Perez (Corpus Christi, TX) ● 5p ­ Ben Baxter Band (Austin, TX) ● 6p ­ Serafia Jane (Austin, TX) ● 7p ­ Res (Philadelphia, PA) ● 8p ­ Lyrikill w/ Kris Keyz Band (New Orleans, LA) ● 9p ­ TBA ● 10p ­ Teresa Jenee (Saint Louis, MO)● 11p ­ Taylor Pace (Dallas, TX) March 15th ● 1p ­ Love X Stereo (Seoul, Korea) ● 2p ­ Mike Love (Kane’ohe, Hawaii) ● 3p ­ Geri X (St. Petersburg, FL) ● 4p ­ The Vantage (Austin, TX) ● 5p ­ Tears and Rainbow (Los Angeles, CA) ● 6p ­ Bestie (Vancouver, Canada) ● 7p ­ Mr. Finch (Stuttgart, Germany) ● 8p ­ Red Light Cameras (Albuquerque, NM) ● 9p ­ Sunspot (Madison, WI) ● 10p ­ Strngrs (Brooklyn, NY) ● 11p ­ White City (Kabul, Afghanistan)


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