Nick Corporon, writer/director

Nick Corporon, writer/director

As a Festival Programmer you run into filmmakers every year, especially ones with shorts, that you wish you could make a bet on. Like picking the World Series in April (darn you Minnesota Twins!) or investing in pork belly futures.

So let me introduce you to Nick Corporon. His short BARBIE BOY was one of my favorites when I programmed Austin in 2013 and it played a ton of other festivals as well. I’ve embedded it at the bottom of this article so you can watch it.

Corporon is back (or at least in the process of being back) with a new feature, which just has days left on their Kickstarter Campaign. Barbie Boy was also funded (atlas partially) using money from Kickstarter, so the filmmaker is no stranger to the process. The new film RETAKE, is an LGBT drama about a young male escort (played by Luke Pasqualino) who is hired by a lonely middle-aged man to be his companion on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. The man ‘casts’ the escort in a role, giving him a specific character to play on this journey where he desperately wants to relive his past. Pasqualino was a series regular on BBC’s SKINS and Showtime’s THE BORGIAS and was in this year’s SciFi hit SNOWPIERCER. I had a chance to speak with Corporon about the project and he is $11,000 from reaching his goal, so read on and if you can, help put him over the top.

BEARS: Why is this the next film for you? How does it relate to your previous work?

Corporon: Making a first feature film is definitely like a band choosing its first album. We’ve made damn sure that this is the story we want to tell. My collaborators and I set out to make something we knew we could make well on a limited budget and schedule. We really focused on the idea of two broken people embarking on a road trip, desperate to find a connection.

BEARS: How does it relate to your previous work?

Corporon: Retake is definitely a continuation of the themes I’ve been playing with in my short films. Identity plays a huge part in Retake and was something I explored in my award-winning short Barbie Boy, about a boy recognizing he’s different. Retake continues that thread because both of our lead characters are struggling with who they are. One character is trying to recreate his past while the other is desperately trying to escape his.

BEARS: What is the specific plan for the funding? How much of the budget do you think this will end up being?

retakeCorporon: We started out doing it the old-school indie way. My producing partner and cinematographer Collin Brazie and I went to our home towns of Kansas City, MO and Dayton, OH and put small business owners, doctors, dentists in a movie theatre and showed them Barbie Boy and a 4-minute Retake sizzle reel and basically talked them into investing. That got us started.

Then we went to Kickstarter to get the rest and have been appealing to supporters of other LGBT projects to help us get the film made! We also got the support of Ian McKellen who was a supporter of Barbie Boy. He helped us get the word out!

I really love that indie and queer filmmakers have Kickstarter to get their stories told. Production companies and studios aren’t interested in telling these stories, but there’s a fervent audience begging for them.

BEARS: What do you plan to do with the film once it’s done?

Corporon: Once finished, our goal is submit to film festivals and hopefully get a theatrical release with home video/streaming/VOD release to follow. But we’ve got to make the movie first!

BEARS: You are almost through this campaign. What lessons have you learned about crowd-funding that you can pass on to other filmmakers?

Corporon: It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you have the time and the stamina, then do it. Find out who you are audience is for your story, chase them and shake them down! Friends and family are also incredibly helpful. Money follows ambition and the people who care and love you will respond to that and help you get the movie made! I’m sure people are annoyed by our constant updates, but who cares? We’re so close to hitting our goal! And then we can make our movie. We’ve got 3 days left on our campaign and a little over $11,000 to go!

Head to the KICKSTARTER Page here.


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