Bob Deum, Chinese Series

Bob Deum, Chinese Series

Christine Thompson spoke to Steve Carlson and Matt Randall, the founders of Pop Austin, which took place from October 17 -19th at Fair Trade in Austin, Texas.  Some of the esteemed global artists  featured at the art exhibition included Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Gao Brothers, Gerard Rancinan, Mr. Brainwash and Shepard Fairey, as well as two celebrated local Austin artists Bale Creek Allen and Jason Archer. Works for the show were shipped in from Paris, New York, and Los Angeles.

“Our vision is to have America, and the world, recognize Austin as more than a town of artists, but a capital of culture,” said Matt Randall, Executive Director and one of POP Austin’s founders. “The goal is to make Austin an epicenter for annual meetings of truly talented artists, collectors and dealers. Our annual event will not only bring in prestigious and internationally recognized talent, but will also feature a select number of local Austin artists. The goal is to present each artist in an interactive way, and host lectures and seminars aimed at educating Austin buyers on the importance of art investment.”



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