Interview by Christine Thompson

Late last year, Rachel released a searing testament to self-empowerment  “Gold,” the first single off her upcoming EP, and today launches “Crazy House,”  a song that spins in a completely different musical direction. further showcasing a broad reach.   We speak with Rachel about the inspiration for the new EP, and the influence of her late father on her music, who sadly passed away last year while she was working on the record.


Rachel Lorin believes in finding beauty in the unbeautiful, an incessant search that began with her roots in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in the South and shaped by New York City, she has a wide, diverse history in music, and at only 25, the singer/songwriter already has a storied career. From beginning modeling at 9 to singing the National Anthem at the US Open at 12 and then eventually launching her musical career on the reality TV series “Next Big Thing,” her experiences over the past decade have finally helped her find her artistic footing—she’s a rock girl in a pop world.

Rachel is dauntlessly authentic, now shedding her roots beyond teenage pop star into embracing the beauty that is hidden behind glamour. This sensibility is what separates Rachel from her musical contemporaries. Her music is concerned with issues that young people face every day, and she finds power in tackling these problems with sharp writing that drips with her dark sense of humor.



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